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A Way With Words – His Eloquence, The Would Be President

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 28, 2008

Great piece…

His Eloquence, The Would-Be President
Posted February 27, 2008 | 02:31 PM (EST) SYLVIA WELSH

In the past several weeks, as the democratic race for the nomination comes to its dramatic conclusion, a consistent theme voiced by supporters of each of the two candidates has increasingly revolved around a “war of words.” The argument, on both sides, is that the other candidate is the one whose words cannot be trusted. In this war, the consensus appears to be that Barack Obama is the clear winner, the poet, the “man of words.” This is alternately cited as either his greatest strength or his biggest weakness.

While His Eloquence is undisputed, his authorship has been. Ignoring the doubters of His Eloquence, just yesterday Alec MacGillis in the Washington Post declared that Obama’s most “powerful weapon has been the oldest [of weapons] – words.” Adding to His Eloquence’s aura, Arianna Huffington definitively stated that it was, in fact, Hillary, and not Barack, who should be compared to Bush in her use of words.

Here are some examples of what MacGillis and Huffington would no doubt agree are the “powerful weapons” of eloquent words:

[The greatest generation] “was a generation of Americans who stormed beaches, liberated concentration camps and delivered us from evil. Some never came home.Those who put their medals in drawers went to work and built, on a heroic scale, highways and universities, suburbs and factories, great cities and grand alliances — the strong foundations of an American Century.

Now the question comes to the sons and daughters of this achievement: What is asked of us?

This is a remarkable moment in the life of our nation. Never has the promise of prosperity been so vivid. But times of plenty, likes times of crisis, are tests of American character.

Prosperity can be a tool in our hands, used to build and better our country. Or it can be a drug in our system — dulling our sense of urgency, of empathy, of duty.

Our opportunities are too great, our lives too short, to waste this moment….We will seize this moment of American promise.

We will confront the hard issues — threats to our national security, threats to our health and retirement security — before the challenges of our time become crises for our children…

This nation is daring and decent and ready for change…

But this administration, during eight years of increasing need, did nothing. They had their moment. They have not led. I will.

Our generation has a chance to reclaim some essential values, to show we have grown up before we grow old…

But when the moment for leadership came, this administration did not teach our children, it disillusioned them….

We must teach our children the values that defeat violence. I will lead our nation toward a culture that values life, the life of the elderly and the sick, and the life of the young…

A hundred years from now, this must not be remembered as an age rich in possessions and poor in ideals…

Should I become President, I will work to call upon the best of the nation. A leader’s responsibility is to understand that the great armies of compassion, which exist all across America, must be rallied to make sure no one gets left behind.

It is the role of a leader to share wisdom, to share experience with people who are looking for someone to lead.

I understand the awesome responsibility of this job. I understand the serious undertaking of answering to the calls of mothers and fathers who I see all the time around America, who come to my rallies and hold a picture of their child and look me in the eye and say, ‘Never let us down again.’ I hear those calls.

This country is ready for change. It’s ready for bipartisan leadership. It’s ready for a leader who will bring this great country together. This country wants a leader who understands how to lead, how to bring folks together.

I stand squarely with the people. There’s a big difference in philosophy in this campaign. I’m running against a candidate of Washington, by Washington and for Washington. Mine is a campaign that stands squarely on the side of the people and the families and the workers of America.

It’s time for a leader to bring Republicans and Democrats together. After eight years of partisan bickering and name-calling, it’s time for new leadership to bring Republicans and Democrats together, to be able to say that a promise made is a promise kept, to reject old-style politics that tries to frighten folks, to reject the old business of trying to tear someone down while the issues still remain.

Now is the time for new leadership that understands we must trust younger people…

Now is the time, now is the time, for Republicans and Democrats to end the politics of fear…

On principle, those in the greatest need should receive the greatest help. The world needs America’s strength and leadership.

Thus spoke His Eloquence. However, in the words cited above, His Eloquence is not, as one would suspect, Barack Obama. His Eloquence was a candidate running for President in 2000. His Eloquence was George W. Bush, speaking at the Republican National Convention.

His Eloquence won. And the world lost.


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Jewish Pro-Hillary Quote of The Day

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 27, 2008

(For yesterday) Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida to The New York Sun:

“The main reason she wins and will continue to win the majority of the Jewish vote is this is a community very much about ‘Show me, don’t tell me,'”
“With Senator Obama, although he says all the right things, he just doesn’t have that longevity to prove to Jewish voters that he will be there like Hillary Clinton.”

Asked if there was anything specific in Mr. Obama’s record that should give Jewish voters pause, the congresswoman said, “There’s no pause. It’s just that he’s starting completely from scratch.”

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Liveblogging the Democratic Debate at Cleveland State University Between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 27, 2008

Brian Williams’ introductions…

BW asks Clinton about the difference between the tone of her remarks over two days, shows clips of her closing at the last debate and harsh words on the trail for Obama.

She responds that its a contested race…mentions fliers and mailers that have been disturbing, and that she must stand up for herself for informed decision making of voters. She cites a line he used about her health care proposals…she met people in the rain without healtchare, and says they should have an accurate debate in facts about her plan for affordable healthcare that covers everyone and that his plan does not cover everyone. debates should cover actual factual accurate information.

BW asks about the Drudge photos of Obama in the OSmali garb and asks if it came from the Clinton Campaign. She says no evidence, she doesn’t know and if it was she would dismiss the perpetrator.

Obama says he takes her at her word about the photo.

He goes to the inacurate mailer about her healthcare plan. He says their 2 plans are 95% similar.  He sites her negative mailers. he disputes her assertions that she would cover more people than he, he says it is a mandate that everyone should purchase healthcare. he says the mailer says she would force people to get purchase hc even if they couldnt aford it.

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Stickin’ It To The Hype

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 21, 2008 Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers president Tom Buffenbarger blasts Obama hype…it’s a doozy.

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Economic Blueprint for the 21st Century

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton’s Economic Blueprint for the 21st Century (pdf, 8 pages)
[File under: Substance over Hype]

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Hillary Speaks For Me

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 21, 2008

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Hillary Clinton Backs AJC Call To Fund Training For Foreign Police To Combat Hate Crimes

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 21, 2008

Clinton backs call for OSCE funding

Hillary Clinton backed a call by the American Jewish Committee to fund training for foreign police to combat hate crime.

In congressional testimony earlier this month, Andrew Baker, the AJC’s director of international Jewish affairs, said the U.S. State Department had stopped funding for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Law Enforcement Officer’s Program.
The program is headed by Paul Goldenberg, an AJC consultant.
In a statement Friday, Sen. Clinton (D-N.Y.), who is vying with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for the Democratic presidential nomination, said she joined congressional colleagues in writing a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urging further funding for such programs.
“Now is not the time to reduce our commitment to this important issue or to send the signal that combating anti-Semitism is no longer a top priority for the United States,” Clinton’s statement said. “I urge the administration to reconsider these reductions in support for the OSCE and work with the Congress to keep the United States at the forefront of the fight against anti-Semitism.”

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Who needs substance when you ‘inspire?’

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 20, 2008

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Clinton Mourns The Passing of Tom Lantos

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 12, 2008

The Clintons’ official statement on the passing of Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA) A great American leader and champion for human rights and Humanitarian causes who was the only survivor of the Holocaust ever to be elected to serve in congress.

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Former President William Jefferson Clinton on the Death of Congressman Tom Lantos

Tom LantosWashington, DC – “We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Congressman Tom Lantos. The courageous and improbable journey of his life was an inspiration to his constituents and to all of us who knew him. Tom was just sixteen years old when the Nazis occupied his native Hungary and he lost much of his family to the Holocaust. In those dark days, Tom bore witness to the worst of human cruelty and devoted his life to stopping it. And so he came to America with nothing but the clothes on his back and the ideals he described in an essay that won him a college scholarship. Those ideals, combined with his optimism, intelligence, and hard work, would eventually lead this self-described ‘penniless immigrant’ to the halls of the United States Congress. Despite all that Tom experienced – or perhaps because of it – he understood in his bones that we have a profound duty to one another. Tom taught us to stand up for what’s right especially when it was hard. We will always cherish our memories of him and our thoughts are with his wife, Annette, his daughters, and all those who knew and loved him.”

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Candidates Reaching out to Jews…

Posted by jewsforhillary on January 16, 2008

Obama, Hillary step up outreach efforts to Jews

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JTA on Hillary’s New Hampshire Victory and the Jewish Votes

Posted by jewsforhillary on January 9, 2008

Clinton and McCain win N.H., raising the stakes in Florida

“It is very exciting,” Ann Lewis, a senior adviser to the Clinton campaign with a key role in outreach to the Jewish community, told JTA. “We got a lot of happy volunteers. Now they’re celebrating. This is a pretty good moment.”

The emphasis in the Obama camp of inspiration over issues provided an opening for Clinton to recast the decision facing voters in more favorable terms.

In her victory speech Tuesday night, she said she had listened to New Hampshire voters and “found my own voice.” She also framed the choice in the campaign as one between talk and action, speaking of the need to “deliver” on the American dream — a subtle but pointed slap at Obama’s lofty rhetoric.

Clinton’s emphasis on experience would seem to have the potential of playing well among American Jews, who according to a survey conducted in November by the American Jewish Committee find her to be the most favorable candidate.

Clinton held an especially commanding lead among Jewish Democrats, with a 70 percent rating. Obama ranked third at 45 percent, slightly behind John Edwards at 48 percent.

Some political observers speculate that the wide margin is attributable to strong Jewish support for the Bill Clinton administration and to Hillary Clinton’s seven years as a New York senator, during which she has invested a great deal of time reaching out to Jewish organizations.

“As the campaign field narrows, it is easier and easier to make that comparison” between Clinton and Obama, said Lewis. “More and more people see the strong differences between what these candidates offer. We’re really in a two-person race at this point.”

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JTA On Hillary’s Journey to Jewish a Favorite

Posted by jewsforhillary on January 7, 2008

One thing I can’t stand personally is people’s failure to allow themselves to think about possibly seeing past the “Suha kiss” and consider potentially acknowleging all the positive good Hillary has done, and in particular for Israel.

Make no mistake. Hilaary understands. She is aware of the real serious threat posed by Iran and Ahmedinejad. This is a fundamental difference between her and Senator Obama.

JTA: “From Suha embrace to Iran hawk, Clinton now most favored by Jews

Whereas Bill Clinton could name the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City, opine on Zionist history and deliver a persuasive “Shalom chaver” at Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral, Hillary Clinton’s repertoire was limited to introducing an Israeli early childhood education program to Arkansas.

As late as December 1998, during the couple’s visit to Israel, the first lady’s affiliation with the Hebrew University’s Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters, known as HIPPY, was the centerpiece of her leg of the visit.

It didn’t help her profile among Jews that the Clinton administration used her as a stalking horse to advocate for a Palestinian state. Then in 1999, on the eve of her first bid for the U.S. Senate, she embraced Suha Arafat after the Palestinian leader’s wife accused Israel of deliberately poisoning Palestinian children. Clinton said later she hadn’t been paying close attention to the simultaneous translation.

It soon became clear, however, that she was willing to listen. Some of the signals were politics-as-usual horse-trading. President Clinton’s final pardons included four residents of the Chasidic enclave in New Square, N.Y. , who had been convicted of defrauding the government. She received overwhelming support from the town during the election.

Once elected to the Senate, Clinton reached out to Jewish organizational leaders and soon became a staple of the Jewish circuit. Hardly a Washington event run by a national Jewish group does not include an address by Clinton — often on Tuesday morning, just before delegates go to the Capitol to lobby.

On many issues, particularly in the domestic arena, little gap exists between Clinton and the predominantly liberal Jewish organizational community. As first lady, Clinton had an established record promoting universal health care, and as senator she worked hard to stop Bush administration rollbacks on the Medicare program, which is almost universally favored by a Jewish population aging more rapidly than other Americans.

In other areas Clinton exhibited a subtle grasp of issues that concern the community, strongly backing discretionary Homeland Security funds to help protect nonprofits from terrorist attack. The bulk of those funds have gone to Jewish institutions.

She also has adopted as her own a campaign to press Arab governments to remove incitment against Jews and Israel from their textbooks.

Clinton took a hit last fall from her party’s base when she voted in favor of a nonbinding amendment that recommended sanctions against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps. Bush eventually ordered the sanctions, favored by the pro-Israel lobby as a means of pressing Iran to give up its suspected nuclear weapons program.

That drew sharp criticism from her competitors, who said the vote would embolden the Bush administration into waging war against Iran. She stood her ground.

“Iran is seeking nuclear weapons,” she said in an Oct. 30 MSNBC-sponsored debate. “And the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is in the forefront of that, as they are in the sponsorship of terrorism.”

She added: “I prefer vigorous diplomacy, and I happen to think economic sanctions are part of vigorous diplomacy.”

It was straight from the pro-Israel playbook, and it illustrates what has attracted not only Jewish voter support but, perhaps even more substantively, Jewish fund-raiser support.

Two of her major backers in this campaign supported polar opposites among the Democrats in 2004: Lonnie Kaplan of New Jersey went for Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and his tough foreign policy, and Steve Grossman opted for ex-Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who was fiercely anti-war.

At a National Jewish Democratic Council candidates’ forum last spring, Grossman and Kaplan, both former presidents of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, sat next to each other and conferred occasionally on their favored candidate: Hillary Clinton.

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Not so funny comic relief

Posted by jewsforhillary on January 6, 2008

BangItOut presents “Top Ten ’08 Presidential Candidates’ Jewish Slogans

10. Macabee, Huckabee – Same difference
9. OyBama in ‘Oy8
8. John McCain: “Yes” is my last name.
7. Mitt Romney: Yaakov had four wives!
6. Chris Ani l’Doddi Li
5. Fred Thompson: Let’s face it, I learned everything I know from Steve Hill
4. Bill Richardson: Cause New Mexico is the next Florida for Pesach
3. My last name is Bloomberg
2. I put the Jew in Guiliani
1. Hillary – A Rebbetzin No Longer

Here is a link to real actual campaign slogans over the last 150 years.

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JTA on Obama and the Jews

Posted by jewsforhillary on January 4, 2008

“Obama and the Jews”

Rah, rah.

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Majority of Jews in Congress Back Hillary for President!

Posted by jewsforhillary on December 31, 2007

Most Jewish members of the Legistlative Branch support Hillary Clinton:

As of Dec. 28, Clinton had rounded up 76 congressional endorsements, including the bulk of the Jewish congressional delegation that has declared its support. Among Clinton’s supporters are some of the most familiar Jewish political names in the country: U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Charles Schumer, as well as U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), whose sister, Ann Lewis advises the former First Lady. All told, 14 Jewish members of Congress are backing Clinton. Besides Hodes, Obama has been endorsed by only three Jewish members: Rep. Steve Rothman (D-N.J.), Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) and Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.).

Clinton leads in Jewish political endorsements

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Senators announce final Passage of $108 Million to Expand Health Coverage for 9/11 Emergency Responders

Posted by jewsforhillary on December 19, 2007

Senators Clinton, Schumer, Lautenberg and Menendez Announce Final Senate Passage of $108 Million to Expand Health Coverage for 9/11 Emergency Responders and Others


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Chai For Hillary NYC Launch Event

Posted by jewsforhillary on December 13, 2007

Chai for Hillary in NYC The Young Professionals In Support of Hillary for President
Is holding their official NYC launch event next Monday evening, 6:30 – 9:30 PM
It will be hosted by one of the Jewish Community’s greatest philanthorpists (and a good friend of the Clintons’) Edgar M. Bronfman as well as Jan Aronson. The donation for the event is $180.

For additional information and to register with the proper contacts, please see here.

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Senators Urge Libya to Pay Victims’ Families of Libyan Terrorism

Posted by jewsforhillary on December 10, 2007

Today, a coalition of eight Senators, led by Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ), sent a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asking her to use an upcoming diplomatic visit to urge Libya to fulfill its obligations to American victims of Libyan terrorism. Lautenberg was joined by Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), Norm Coleman (R-MN) and Chris Dodd (D-CT).    FULL STORY / RELEASE

See actual letter here.

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Posted by jewsforhillary on December 4, 2007

Senator Clinton’s office has released this special guide to Media safety for parents of children for all ages. This should be especially interesting and informative to parents raising children in a valued religious environment. 

Download the full PDF here:

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Senator Clinton Assails Bush Administration’s Proposal to Slash Homeland Security Funding for First Responders

Posted by jewsforhillary on December 4, 2007

Senator Clinton Assails Bush Administration’s Proposal to Slash Homeland Security Funding for First Responders

We hope our friends at Hatzolah are paying attention to important matters like this…

Clinton: President’s Cuts Would Have Drastic Impact on New York’s Homeland Security Efforts Washington, DC – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today, amid recent reports the Administration plans to drastically slash homeland security funds for first responders, called on the President to reconsider these cuts, and to provide information regarding how any reduction to homeland security funding would make our nation safer. In a letter today to President Bush, Senator Clinton cited the importance of federal homeland security dollars for our nation’s police, firefighters, and other first responders, and the effect such drastic budget cuts would have on port and transit security and local emergency management operations in New York and through the country.

“With the Administration’s own findings in their National Intelligence Estimate that our homeland is under a ‘heightened threat environment,’ and that Al Qaeda is undiminished in its goal in attacking us here at home, it is unconscionable that the President’s budget would seek to slash the federal funding for homeland security by more than half,” said Senator Clinton. “While large urban areas like New York continue to remain high profile targets, we must do everything possible to ensure that our first responders are provided with the funding and resources that are critical to their success on the frontline of our homeland security efforts. I am profoundly disappointed in the President’s plan, and will continue to press this issue until our nation’s first responders receive the funding necessary to get the job done.”

Senator Clinton’s letter to President Bush is attached –

December 1, 2007
The Honorable George W. Bush
President of the United States
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Recent reports indicate that in your Fiscal Year 2009 budget, you intend to drastically slash homeland security funds for our first responders. A recent National Intelligence Estimate could not have been clearer when it said that our homeland is under a “heightened threat environment” and that Al Qaeda is undeterred and determined to attack us here at home. In October of this year, you issued the National Strategy for Homeland Security, which detailed many of the threats against our nation.

In light of these facts, it is unimaginable to hear that you would cut funding for our nation’s law enforcement, firefighters, and other first responders by more than half. According to news accounts, your plan for the coming year includes the elimination of programs for port security, transit security and local emergency management operations. Reductions like this to some of the core functions of our homeland security would be extremely irresponsible. Your budget outlines the fiscal priorities for the coming year. If these news reports are correct, then I believe you have greatly underestimated the threats we face. Securing our homeland requires constant vigilance and we must do everything within our power to improve our level of preparedness. These reported cuts undermine those efforts. As a Senator from New York, I know first hand the importance of these critical programs and the drastic impact any funding reductions would have to New York’s, as well as to our nation’s homeland security efforts.

For the sake of our nation’s homeland defense I implore you to reconsider any proposed cuts to our critical homeland security programs. Before any proposed reductions in funding for our homeland security, I respectfully request that you provide a detailed plan on how any reduction in critical homeland security funds would make our country safer. Homeland security funding decisions should be completely based on the threats facing our homeland, not any political considerations.

I look forward to hearing your response.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

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