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Not so funny comic relief

Posted by jewsforhillary on January 6, 2008

BangItOut presents “Top Ten ’08 Presidential Candidates’ Jewish Slogans

10. Macabee, Huckabee – Same difference
9. OyBama in ‘Oy8
8. John McCain: “Yes” is my last name.
7. Mitt Romney: Yaakov had four wives!
6. Chris Ani l’Doddi Li
5. Fred Thompson: Let’s face it, I learned everything I know from Steve Hill
4. Bill Richardson: Cause New Mexico is the next Florida for Pesach
3. My last name is Bloomberg
2. I put the Jew in Guiliani
1. Hillary – A Rebbetzin No Longer

Here is a link to real actual campaign slogans over the last 150 years.


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