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Right Wing Acknowledging The Truth: “Clinton has, by far, the most experience dealing with the Middle East of all the likely presidential candidates”

Posted by jewsforhillary on November 12, 2007

In the piece U.S. Presidential Hopefuls Running after Jewish Voters appearing on the Right Wing Israeli outlet Arutz Sheva / IsraelNational News and reposted by the ultra right wing group the Zionist Organization of America by Sarah Morrison, acknowleges and points out some interesting things. Most importantly, it breaks down the myths that somehow Clinton might not be as good on Israel and that Bush was supposedly so great.

Democratic candidate Senator Hillary Clinton has, by far, the most experience dealing with the Middle East of all the likely presidential candidates, according to Schenker.
However, history tells us that “a candidate who becomes President changes his policy once in office,” observed Steve Goldberg, a Los Angeles lawyer who serves as the National Vice President of the Zionist Organization of America. “Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were unequivocal in their support of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem when they were running for President, but neither kept his promise. Pro-Israel advocates in the United States expect that a President will not keep all of his or her promises once elected.”
He pointed out that although “she [Senator Clinton] wants Jerusalem to stay the indivisible capital, there is a prevailing view that she would actively broker an agreement with the Palestinians, even if it included sharing the sovereignty of Jerusalem.”
Senator Clinton “has been very active in Israel for a very long time,” Schenker claimed. “Her time as First Lady [married to former President Bill Clinton] gave her a lot of experience in the Middle East. She has visited there many times and has been active in promoting the peace process, along with her husband. Senator Clinton does the most important thing to help: she promotes the peace process,” he added.
Schenker also revealed that if elected, Senator Clinton plans to appoint a senior ambassador to the Middle East to work specifically on Israeli-Arab peace. He stated that the other Democratic candidates share similar positions on the Middle East, although most of them have not taken specific positions beyond maintaining they are friends of the Jewish state.

An underlying issue of all these acknowlegements is the fact that the focus alluded to is on peace, whereas the current Bush / Rice game is focused specifically on the foremost goal of a Palestinian State, with peace being the afterthought.


One Response to “Right Wing Acknowledging The Truth: “Clinton has, by far, the most experience dealing with the Middle East of all the likely presidential candidates””

  1. Emes said

    Why, in your thread, didn’t you attribute the headline quote to it’s rightful spokesperson? It was NOT anyone “right wing”, but rather, Hillel Schenker, Vice Chairman of Democrats Abroad, an organization for American citizens in countries outside the United States.
    I suppose I should have guessed that any supporters of the Suha Arafat-kissing hag would be a bunch of bull-sh*ters too.

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