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VIDEO: Senator Hillary Clinton Speaks to the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC)

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 21, 2007

Here is a video recording of the entire address given by Senator Hillary Clinton to the first ever Washington conference of the National Jewish Democratic Council which took place last month. Streaming Video:
For comparison sake, here are some videos, transcrips and synopses of the remarks given by several of the other declared Democratic presidential candidates, courtesy of the Philadelphia Jewish Voice:


2 Responses to “VIDEO: Senator Hillary Clinton Speaks to the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC)”

  1. VIDEO: Senator Hillary Clinton Speask to the National Jewish …

  2. Bill Levinson said

    Why should any Jews support an individual who appears with prominent racists and anti-Semites like Al Sharpton, and at anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic hate groups like The NJDC is itself a hate group, noting that it posts Christians, Christian symbols, and even Jesus in a “this is the enemy” context (See the Bubbie videos on its site). It has also posted “Jew as Christian-hater” propaganda similar to that which was used to incite numerous pogroms.

    NJDC head Ira Forman used his group’s “Jewish” identity to whitewash MoveOn’s sponsorship of the most vicious imaginable hate speech on its Action Forum, backed by official bulletins from Noah Winer about “Zionists” with divided loyalties, and why Israel is the problem in the Middle East. The latter cited the Electronic Intifada as a reference.

    Q: How do you tell if an NJDC blogger is lying?
    A: His fingers are moving over a keyboard.

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