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US Senator Hillary Clinton Strongly Condemns Barrage of Rocket Attacks on Israel by Palestinian Arab Terrorists

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 27, 2007

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Condemning Recent Attacks on Israeli Civilians

“I am saddened and outraged by the repeated rocket attacks against the Israeli cities of Sderot and Ashkelon, attacks that were perpetrated even as the Shavuot holiday came to a close. Yet another round of attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups against civilians demonstrates an escalation of violence against Israel. The rockets have hit homes, synagogues, and schools, injured many and killed nine innocents. Israel’s right to exist, and to defend its people against imminent threat, must never be put in question. Israel has demonstrated restraint in the face of ongoing of attacks on southern Israel orchestrated from Gaza. The United States and the international community must stand in support of Israel and send the message to Hamas and to any terrorists who threaten innocent lives on sovereign soil and operate in violation of international law that this behavior will not be countenanced.

Israel is confronting many of the toughest challenges in its history, in a neighborhood that is less secure than ever. It is vital is that we continue to stand on behalf of the shared interests in security and democracy that form the unbreakable bond between our two nations. I stand with the people of Israel who live in fear as their homes are besieged and maintain my unwavering commitment to the welfare and survival of the State of Israel.”


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Hillary Clinton on the United States and Israel

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 25, 2007

From The Jerusalem Post:

In the run-up to the 2008 US presidential elections, The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition has invited central presidential contenders to respond to questions on matters of importance to Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.
We will be sending out questions to the candidates every two weeks or so. We started out with a relatively general inquiry about the importance they attach to the US’s strategic alliance with Israel and how, if elected, they would work to foster that alliance (see below). The questions will get more specific as the campaign heats up.
The first question was sent to John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, Bill Richardson and Sam Brownback.
The contenders are being invited to participate, and given as much space as they wish to respond. We believe this platform offers a tremendous opportunity for the would-be presidents to detail their positions on key issues for our millions of readers, potential voters and supporters. And we are delighted that, from the outset, so many of the candidates have found the time to participate, with carefully drafted, nuanced answers that offer real insight into their thinking.
David Horovitz, Editor-In-Chief

JPOST: What’s the importance of Israel as a strategic ally and how would your administration manage ties between the two countries?

Hillary Clinton: Israel is an important ally and strategic partner of the United States. Our nations are united by shared values, a commitment to democracy, and a belief in the dignity of men and women. We are also united by a common strategic interest in fighting back against the forces of terrorism and nihilism.

Israel and the United States have worked together for years on national security objectives, including developing innovative defense technologies. Today, as the United States deals with issues of homeland security, we are also learning from Israel’s experience in preventing attacks and preparing emergency responses.

I believe the relationship between our countries should be that between allies, based on mutual respect, appreciating our shared values and a shared commitment to national security policies that reduce the danger of terrorist attacks on free and democratic nations anywhere in the world.

Recognizing the very real challenges we face, I believe we must think rationally and strategically – and jointly – about how our values and our beliefs can be translated into effective action.

It is not enough for us to say the right things; we’ve got to be smart and tough enough to do the right things that will protect American and Israeli interests now and forever. It is with these principles in mind that my Administration would work to sustain, nourish, and enhance the vital partnership between America and Israel.

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Senator Hillary Clinton Welcomes AmeriCorps Grant of Over $270,000 for Yeshiva Kehilath Yaakov in Brooklyn, NY

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 22, 2007

Senator Clinton applauds AmeriCorps grant to Brooklyn Yeshiva catering to “at risk” youth in the community. Full Statement by Hillary- click here

“This is great news for Yeshiva Kehilath Yaakov and its AmeriCorps members,” said Senator Clinton. “Leading by example is an important component in healthy communities and this grant promotes positive reinforcement for at-risk youth through expanded mentoring programs”

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JTA: Hillary Leads in Jewish Fundraising

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 22, 2007

Clinton leads in race for Jewish donors

Among Jewish Democrats, however, it’s no race, insiders in the fund-raising community say: While U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has generated considerable excitement, the years Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has spent focusing on Israel and other issues of concern to the nation’s largest Jewish community puts her firmly in front.
“It’s experience,” said Lonnie Kaplan, a major pro-Israel fund-raiser. “It’s clear to me that she’s the best candidate the Democrats have. On domestic issues they’re all the same, but on foreign policy she has such experience and knowledge and the willingness to act.”

Yet it is Clinton’s determined cultivation of the Jewish community that pushes her ahead, and not just because she represents the nation’s largest Jewish community in New York.
Clinton has spent her six years in the U.S. Senate reaching out to Jewish groups on nearly every domestic and foreign issue that the community embraces. She was a leader in getting homeland security funds to Jewish institutions and has taken the lead in demanding changes in Palestinian textbooks that would reflect the reality of Israel’s existence.


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Hillary Presses on For Jewish National Fund

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 22, 2007

The United Nations has decided not to grant the Jewish National Fund access to its Economic and Social Council that is currently extended to more than 2,800 nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). FULL STORY


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VIDEO: Senator Hillary Clinton Speaks to the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC)

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 21, 2007

Here is a video recording of the entire address given by Senator Hillary Clinton to the first ever Washington conference of the National Jewish Democratic Council which took place last month. Streaming Video:
For comparison sake, here are some videos, transcrips and synopses of the remarks given by several of the other declared Democratic presidential candidates, courtesy of the Philadelphia Jewish Voice:

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Hillary Calls on UN to Recognize Status of Jewish National Fund

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 18, 2007

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton joined with a bipartisan coalition of Senators to urge the United Nations to grant general consultative status to the Jewish National Fund of the United States. The Senators urged them to vote in favor of granting this status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

“This letter sends a strong message to the key United Nations committee that we support granting the same access to the Jewish National Fund as others around the world enjoy. By granting general consultative status, the Jewish National Fund will bring regional environmental issues to the table to help foster regional peace in the Middle East,” said Senator Clinton.


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Governor Spitzer, State Colleagues Come out For Hillary

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 17, 2007

New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer is offially supporting Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. That most denifitely qualifies him as a “Jew For Hillary.” This past Monday, an entire crew of colleagues from the state government all came out to officially endorse the State’s Junior senator for the presidency -including Governor Spitzer,  Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (also Jewish), Lt. Governor David Paterson, and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. It is relatively early in the race, but a fine time to show unified state and party support for their own candidate.

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Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 17, 2007

Cast your vote or ideas here. | See blog post and comments here.

Some of us here very much likle the idea of the song “Promise of a New Day” by Paula Abdul. What do you think? Anyone else have any ideas?

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Jewish Friends of Hillary

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 1, 2007

Here’s an interesting photo album with a few dozen photos from the NORPAC Friends of Hillary Clinton event last August 2006 in anticipation of her Re-Election as New York Senator.

Hillary and Genack  
The NORPAC mission to Washington takes place next week.

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Clinton Speech at NJDC Conference

Posted by jewsforhillary on May 1, 2007

Senator Clinton was among the many speakers at the recent first ever Washington Conference of the National jewish Democratic Council:   Clinton scores with Jewish Democrats

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