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Vote [Jews For] Hillary

Posted by jewsforhillary on April 25, 2007

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    2 Responses to “Vote [Jews For] Hillary”

    1. Warren Wienburg said

      I am an ex-South African living in Israel, and obviously never voted in the US before, but I must say it seems that you are making the best of a bad situation by suporting the Democratic candidate least likely to abandon Israel.

      However, surely if support of Israel is your most important issue, you should be supporting almost any one of the Republican candidates who have shown far more consistant support for Israel and more importantly belong to a party that is not divided on the issue. The Republicans support Israel in a way that the Democrats have abandoned. The powerful left wing of the party is obviously intensely anti-Israel – when people like Pres. Carter and Michael Moore are guests of honour at your rallies you know you have abandoned your pro-Israel roots.

      If you really care about Israel, rather vote Republican.

    2. Thank you for your toughts. Senator Clinton has perfect pro Israel track record during her entire political career. Her votes on behalf of Israel are 100%.
      Michael Moore has absolutely nothing to do with the Democratic party, and Jimmy Carter – especially on his views of Israel has been dismissed and denounced by party leaders (Pelosi and Dean to name a few).

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