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FOX NEWS POLL: Hillary Toughest on Terrorism Among All Presidential Contenders

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 5, 2007


The poll also shows Clinton opening up a significant lead in the Democratic primary and reveals that a majority of general election voters are comfortable with her in the White House. The poll echoes the trend of recent state and national polls showing Clinton leading in the race for President.According to the new Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll:

  • Hillary edges all candidates of either party when voters are asked which one would be toughest on terrorism;
  • A majority of those polled (from either party) are “comfortable” with a potential Hillary presidency;
  • Hillary leads the primary nearly 3-1, earning the support of 43 percent of self-identified Democrats, compared with 15 percent for the nearest competitor;
  • Hillary’s share of the primary electorate has jumped 10 points, from 33 percent in the December poll to 43 percent now;
  • Hillary’s favorability rating is highest of all Democrats and she is the only one of the candidates whose rating went up since the last time it was asked (October).

Click here to see the entire poll results


2 Responses to “FOX NEWS POLL: Hillary Toughest on Terrorism Among All Presidential Contenders”

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