Jews For Hillary

Jewish Supporters of Hillary Clinton

For The Sake Of Posterity

Posted by jewsforhillary on February 5, 2007

Taking into account the recent endorsement of Senator Clinton by the editorial board of The Jewish Press during her relection to the US Senate from New York.

The Jewish Press endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic Primary for United States Senate. In her six years as senator, the former first lady has distinguished herself as a knowledgeable and effective advocate for New York State. She has mastered the intricacies of the Senate, has excelled as a coalition builder, and has emerged as a hard-nosed and respected student of foreign affairs with views her colleagues take seriously.
As regards Israel, she has become an important supporter of the Jewish state both in public and, perhaps more importantly, behind the scenes. She is held in the highest regard by those who regularly plead Israel’s cause in the halls of government. For those who initially were wary of her positions on Middle East issues – and we include ourselves in that category – Ms. Clinton has proved to be a pleasant and welcome surprise. We enthusiastically support her in the Democratic Primary.


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