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Increase Minimum Wage!

Posted by jewsforhillary on January 25, 2007

Today the Senate voted , and although a majority voted yes to the first minimum wage increase in 10 years, the number of up votes did not reach the necessary 60.  JSpot has the scoop in a nutshell, here

Today, the Senate had the chance to pass a clean bill and a majority voted YES! Of course, they needed 60 votes (to get cloture), which they didn’t get, so now things get messy. The Senate leadership will amend the bill to add on a bunch of tax breaks for small business. Then enemies of the bill will offer lots of counter-productive and/or non-germane amendments. If it makes it through that process, it still may have to go back to the House, because all tax bills must originate in the House. Either way, the Senate and House will have to work our their differences in conference. Then, if they agree, they revote, and if it passes it goes to the President.

What can you do? The folks at JSpot have been running a campaign for American Jews to voice their support. American Jews for a Higher Minimum Wage


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